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Visiting Orlando?


Welcome to Orlando, famous for its sun, surf, theme parks, and medical spas! Because of Dr. Waite's innovative non-invasive cosmetic practice, Aphrodite Medical Spa has become a popular new destination for people flying in from out of town, state, or country.

Even if you don't live in Orlando you can experience the latest trends in total beauty rejuvenation while you are in the legendary City Beautiful. When you make an appointment at Aphrodite Medical Spa you can be assured that Dr. Waite will make you and your procedure a priority. She will personally make sure that you are satisfied with your results before you leave town.

Aphrodite Medical Spa is located just off Turkey Lake Road in the city of Orlando. A variety of restaurants, coffee shops and high end boutiques are a few blocks away. We are only a few steps away from Universal Studios, 3.3 miles from the Millennia Mall and only a short, scenic car trip away from Disney World. As a patient visiting us from out of town, you'll have a variety of the best shopping, dining, and sightseeing choices at your fingertips, helping turn your experience into a relaxing getaway or exciting family holiday.

Before Your Visit

Patients visiting us from out of town are encouraged to contact us at least one month before you are scheduled to arrive in Orlando. If you are flying in without advance notice don't hesitate to call, as there may be a cancellation or time slot available for you. Normally a consultation is recommended before any non-surgical or laser procedure to assure safety and determine personal goals. You will be asked to fill out an incoming patient form and provide your past and present medical history. Please include any concerns or special questions you may have. If an in person consultation is not possible Dr. Waite will schedule a time to consult with you via e-mail, telephone, etc.. You will be asked to send in recent digital photos of yourself, highlighting the areas of your face or body that you would like to have Dr. Waite address. Photos should include both front and side angle views.

A complete estimate of services will be given to you before you schedule your appointment. The estimate will be as accurate as possible to avoid any last minute financial questions and anxiety about expense. We gladly accept credit cards, cash, and money orders. To ensure the date and time of your visit you will be asked for your credit card number. A $50 deposit will be charged on the card – it is only to secure the appointment.

We will make sure that your appointment will be timed in the best possible way so that you may enjoy the most of what Orlando has to offer, turning your out of town medical visit into a real holiday. For non-surgical procedures involving semi-permanent and permanent fillers we recommend that you plan to stay in the area at least 5 -7 days so that we can perform a post-procedure examination and touch-up if necessary.

Before you schedule the date of your appointment, you will be given special instructions on pre-procedure preparations if they are necessary. Most non-surgical enhancements are non-invasive, quick to administer, and require little to no downtime, however some treatments do require that you initially keep physical activity to a minimum, avoid direct sunlight, or apply topical ointments to accelerate the healing process. We will be happy to suggest a list of things to do in Orlando that will match your post-procedure recovery instructions and allow you make the most out of your time in our fabulous city.